Power System Analysis

Textbook Examination and Desk Copy Request

Examination Copies Only for the United States and Canada
Examination copies are available at the discretion of the PSA Publishing to qualified instructors of appropriate courses who would like to review the book before deciding whether to use it in a class. The book will be sent on a 90–day approval with an invoice. A 50% academic courtesy discount will be applied on that invoice. For instructors who adopt the book (and place an order for eight or more copies through their college bookstore) or return the book within 60 days, the invoice will be cancelled. Instructors who wish to keep the book agree to pay the invoice within 90 days. To request an examination copy, please complete our online Examination Copy Request Form.

Desk Copies
Desk copies are complimentary books sent to professors who have already adopted the book for a course. If you have not yet ordered an examination copy, a complimentary desk copy will be supplied to you by completing our online Desk Copy Request Form. We require confirmation of your bookstore's order for eight or more copies of the book.
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